Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Loop 5

I have now had my first German mall experience. Are you excited to hear what it was like? Well, it was like...going to a mall anywhere. :) Ha! Seriously! The mall experience wasn't anything strange or out of the ordinary. Besides the fact that Deutsch was being spoken everywhere, it was like being at a mall in the States.

The mall is called "Loop 5" and is located in Weiterstadt, which is a city right next to Darmstadt. I was invited by my friend Carol to come along, as she had some Christmas shopping to do. The goose was in Kindergarten, so I went. It is a 3 or 4 story/floored mall and is extremely clean and eye catching.

There was the normal assortment of stores at Loop 5: Lots of shoes stores, clothing stores, book stores, food court, makeup and body care stores, hair salons, etc.

Most of the stores are European, but there are a few that we have in the States, such as "SIX" and "FOOT LOCKER".

The COOLEST thing about Loop 5 is that the entire mall is aviation themed. There are fans hanging from the ceilings that look like propellers, relaxation areas that look like airport waiting areas, plane and helicopter decor here and there, and it's all tastefully done!

More pictures below. Very sad to say, the pictures I took of the propeller fans didn't turn out. :(

You mean your McDonald's doesn't have a fancy coffee and pastry counter?

Food court dining area

I really liked the "Butler's" store with all of its colorful home good items! I cannot figure out what the tiny tumbler is for (see bottom of three pictures)...I know the one to the right of it is an egg cup, but the tumbler was too small even for child use. Any ideas?

I loved this book! Really neat illustrations. Too bad it was about 30 Euros! "The Tales of Brothers Grimm".

This. Store. Was. Da. Bomb. A craft store "Idee" with possibly the coolest checkout counters ever to exist. :) And the lighting!

A little gust of familiarity! (Although it's even more pricey here. Yikes!)

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