Thursday, November 27, 2014

I'm no Martha

A little bit of back story: We are staying at our pastor and his wife's apartment while they are visiting their family in the States. They were gracious enough to offer us full use of their place, as it's much larger than our apartment and has two bedrooms! :) (Ours has 1.)

We're enjoying the extra space tremendously!

Anyway, I found this craft packet on the table that Carol left for me, as she didn't have time to do it before leaving for their trip. The pink post-it reads: "Sheena, if you can figure this out, please do it."

I got kind of excited about this. Gave me a fun little project to work on today while the goose was in school for a few hours and I was baking some cookies for Thanksgiving dinner later this afternoon.

I sat down at the dining room table, played a "Parenthood" episode on Netflix, made a cup of Kaffee, and ripped this sucker open. The instructions are in Deutsch, so I grabbed an individual sheet of paper and started following along based on the pictures. It took me a few minutes to finish the one sheet. I was really proud of myself once I finished it, as it was a little tricky. (For me at least.) I had restarted it a couple of times, after not getting some of the folds as precise as they needed to be.

 I then glance down to the next set of directions and see that it says to repeat the process I just completed 30 more times. WHAT?!

 This was the easy part. The hard part is the other 80% of the instructional guide.

Naive Sheena thought that each little piece of paper made a fun star thing I could hang up. Then I see that once you complete all 30 of the difficult little suckers, there is a complicated process of unfolding them in different places and connecting them and refolding and...YEAH. NO. Does it reflect poorly on me to tell you I decided not to complete the project?

 My proud face turned to this when I decided I was giving up. Haha!

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