Monday, November 17, 2014

Grocery shopping part zwei

Things that are easy to find (you could say abundant) in most grocery stores here:
*Freshly baked rolls, bread, pretzels and other carbohydrate creations

*Pastries galore!

*Brats, sausages, meat meat meat

*TONS of yogurt varieties, some of which we don't have in the U.S. Greek yogurt is hard to find, but there are so many other varieties, most of which I still haven't tried. Ever heard of Quark? (There is actually a brand of quark available in the U.S. now; Quark is a fermented cheese type of yogurty thingy...yeah, that's about as much as I can describe it. It's actually really good! Cottage cheese is one of few foods I actively DESPISE, and the description of Quark makes it sound like it's like cottage cheese (BLEH!) but it actually tastes nothing like it! It has a creamy texture and I sometimes buy a "Vanilla Yogurt Quark" tub to enjoy throughout the week.

*Spreads for bread- cheese spreads, herb spreads (there are a LOT of onion/garlic spreads), butter spreads, and on and on. These peeps like their bread, and apparently their bread spreads.

*Beer and liquor- it's in pretty much every store AND it's CHEAP. Like cheap cheap. I can't help but picture cute little yellow chicks when I say that. (And yes, I know that would be "cheep cheep".) I probably don't have to tell you, but German beer and beer selection is pretty amazing. Wine can be purchased for 1.99 a bottle and it's good! Seasonal federweiss is the best thing I've ever tasted. It's the freshest of the fresh in terms of delicious grape-y wine. It's made from the freshest pressed grapes (locally!) and you buy the bottles for about 3 Euros. The bottles aren't sealed, so you cannot lay them down in the fridge or they'll spill sweet sticky federweiss goodness all over the place. It ferments slowly over a few days.

*Chocolate- From cheap 'store brand' chocolate to delicious name brand German and Belgium chocolate, which is still inexpensive. If you're not drooling, you should be. It's legit and delish.

*Cheese- cheese cheese everywhere of the sliced or block variety. Shredded cheese is very hard to find, as is any type of cheddar.

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  1. Beer, cheese, and chocolate.. I'm in! What more does a person need!?


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