Friday, June 19, 2015

Things I Love About Germany Part 2

Let me again start with my little nonsensical important disclaimer here: These are my opinions about the area of Germany I've lived in for the past year. As with anywhere, not everyone fits into these opinions or stereotypes. People are people anywhere you go. We are all different and experience things different ways.

Things I Love About Germany Part Zwei (2)

This first bullet point is a big one for me. Sooooo prepare to read a lot about it. :)

*People are more laid back about appearances in Germany. It's refreshing to see so much less makeup and obsession with looking sexy and all glammed up all the dang time. Sure, sure, we have makeup here and nice body care products and all that jazz. It's just much less of a big deal. The most made up ladies you see are the teenagers and college ladies who are experimenting with their look. Other than that, the majority of people are sporting a totally makeup free face, or going for a very natural look.

It is incredibly freeing and comfortable to walk around and see people dressed casually and modestly, but still nice. The dress is much more modest than in the States. Call me a prude, but I don't think you should be showing it all off to everyone on the streets all the darn time. It's rare to see it all "hanging out" here...let your mind figure that one out, as it applies to lots of different scenarios with the way people dress. These people like their clothes, no doubt about it. But their sole mission isn't to dress to show off every body part. It's more about being classy, professional, comfortable, casual, and looking nice in a more subtle way. I like that. I like it a lot. (Did you read that last sentence with a 'Forest Gump' accent? If not, then you're doing it wrong.)

A natural result of a society generally less obsessed with this is that people (in general) are MUCH less judgemental to each other. Sure, you get checked out by other ladies to see what you're wearing, there are beauty shops and hair salons and all kinds of shops everywhere, but people don't make as big of a deal about it. Being overly made up is not a big normal here. It looks out of place.

I am borrowing this photo from a website, but it is very similar to what you see at train stations, shopping areas, large businesses or work places. Bikes everywhere. :)

*Fitness/Healthier Lifestyle- Most Germans walk and bike everywhere they can. We've met so many people who have a car, but rarely use it. It's true that their country is set up to make biking and walking to places much more convenient than in the States, but in general, their attitude about health and fitness and being outside is really wonderful. There is less priority with being in the gym all day, pumping iron and taking supplements, and more on just walking outside with the family, going to the park, walking to a festival or concert, biking to the supermarket, etc. It's a normal part of life, being outdoors and being active. (Yes,  I've complained about walking to the supermarket and walking home with heavy grocery bags. I in no way renounce that complaint. That is HARD hard hard...especially on someone with neck/shoulder/back issues!) Living here reminds me of my and adults are outside all the time. Just relaxing, strolling, playing, reading. Germans eat a lot of bread and meat and potatoes and such, but it's rare to see obesity here, due to such an active lifestyle. (And smaller portion sizes.)

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  1. I read it in the Forest Gump voice... :) I loved reading what you like about Germany! Makes me want to live there! HA HA!


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