Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All Washed Up

Are you at all curious about how we wash our clothes here in Germany? No? Well, you're going to hear about it anyway...:)

Watch the video below for a very interesting lesson an insider's view (OOO! Lucky you!) on the subject.

Side note: Do you despise hearing your voice play back on videos and such? I do! Do I really sound like that, in real time? Hmm....

Quick list of some of the differences in doing laundry/washing machines in Germany: (this is from my observations and may not necessarily be the stone cold truth)

*Washing machines use a lot less water during the cycle here, which is good as it's better for the environment!

*Our "load size" is a lot smaller than a standard load size in the U.S. There ARE washing machines that are much larger here, but in general I think the size of the loads are smaller for most machines in Europe. BUT I've been set straight advised that the clothes don't need to "float" due to less water in the cycle, allowing you to pack the drum completely full. Hence a larger load. However, I don't pack it full, as I feel my clothes don't come out as clean if I do so, despite what everyone says! I do what I want I'm my own person here! :)

*Laundromats are a bit harder to find here. They do exist, but they tend to be smaller and the ones I've seen are a bit expensive!

*Most washers have internal water heaters. You don't have to rely on the temp of the tap to dictate the temp of the wash water.

*Wash cycles take a bit longer- as it used less water and the machine stops and starts a lot.

*Clothes tend to come out just as clean as what I'm used to, so I don't see a big difference there. This washer actually seems to be a bit harsher on my clothes.


  1. I hate hearing my own voice!!! You sound great though! What did you use for video? Do you have a recorder or just your phone? I need to start doing videos soon. By the way I always find it funny that washing machines never hold what you want them to and then the door has that big lump in it so it makes it hold even less! Ugh!

  2. I used our Samsung phone! Yes, they are tricky, those machines that wash...;)


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