Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meister Proper!

I am somewhat easily amused by what I personally think of as funny product names. It doesn't matter how wonderfully the product works, I lose maybe just an ounce of respect for it if it has a silly name!

I also like finding products from the same company that have different names in other countries. 

Take for instance, our "Mr. Clean". Here in Deutschland, he goes by another name: "Meister Proper". When I saw this at the Rewe Center, I laughed. Not because I think "Mr. Clean" is better, but because I kept picturing the mascot with a butler uniform on to better portray the image of "Meister Proper", which roughly translates into champion proper.

Can't you just see him losing the earring and white muscle tee and donning a black butlers suit with a proper hat?

Or take the Pillsbury frozen biscuit and croissant products, which are "Knack Back" here.

The dough boy is still cute!

I actually haven't tried either of these products to tell you if they are the same or perhaps have a different chemical makeup (Meister Proper) or different ingredients (Knack Back), although the foods here, even from the same company, tend to be less preservative and chemical-filled, which I love.


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