Saturday, December 27, 2014


Today we experienced our first snowfall in Germany! (Now to clear this up, it DID snow the day that the goose and I boarded a plane at Frankfurt headed to Charlotte, but we were up in the air and out of the country by the time it started!) We woke up and were greeted with big, fluffy, wet flakes falling to the ground and a dusting of accumulation. The goose was super excited! (What 4 year old boy wouldn't be; especially one who's been asking SINCE WE MOVED IN AUGUST when we'd get snow?) The thick snowfall continued all morning and for most of the day. We currently have about 2 inches of accumulated snow on the ground.

 This was earlier this morning, more snow accumulated throughout the day.

 Oh what fun it is!

SCHNEE! Oh how we love a first SCHNEE! It's so white and peaceful and magical! We ventured out to play in the snow after lunch time today. It was perfect snow for snowballs- wet and great packing! You'll be surprised to hear about how the German folk respond to snow here; the answer is: the same as most U.S. peeps! There were adults and children alike walking around and throwing snowballs at each other, people stepping carefully and treading lightly to avoid slippery spots in their shoes, cars getting brushed off, children sitting down and rolling in the snow, and dogs who desperately wanted to return to the warm and dry confines of their home after they finished with their business outside. It was refreshingly normal and human! How we all love and appreciate a beautiful snow. (Until it hinders our plans and day that is!)

The forecast calls for possibly more snow tonight. We shall see! The temperatures are supposed to be pretty cold for the next few days; not reaching above freezing at all. By the time it's warm enough to melt, that pristine schnee will probably be so brown and hideous from all the walking, dirt, cars, pollution, etc, that we'll be more than happy to see it melt away. But until then we will enjoy it!

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